Bubble Ouch Pop it Fidgets

Are you a fan of simple arcades that can help you while away some time in a fun and unobtrusive manner? You don’t like complicated games with rules that are too hard to memorize? Then Bubble Ouch Pop It Fidgets is just the right choice for you! This game is based on a popular anti stress toy called Pop It. It’s very much alike to a simple air-bubble wrap that you can pop with your fingers. Only it can be used multiple times over because you only have to turn it to the other side and start the whole process from scratch.

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Here you will find a virtual version of this great game. Just like with the actual toy, you can indulge in exploding the colorful dimples trying to score as many points as possible. Scientists say it has a favorable effect on our psyche and can really calm you down when you’re fidgety or nervous. And in that respect, the app works just as fine as the actual toy. Because you can hear the sound of bubbles going off and also feel them vibrating under your fingers.

Plus there are two modes in Bubble Ouch Pop it Fidgets! In one of them, you can forget about gaining points or racing against time. You can just relax and enjoy the process. There are various Pop Its for you to collect, all of them in different shapes and colors. You can find a lot of different varieties and expand your collection with every time you play. This is a nice way to spend some delightful leisure time or simply take a break from your daily routine.

The other mode requires you to get through a series of levels that will become more and more challenging as you proceed. You have to pop up dimples of the right colors and do it as fast as you can to maximize your score. There are various bonuses like fruits that will allow you to explode several bubbles at once with an impressive multiplier. This is more like an arcade than an anti stress game, but it will give you a chance to forget about your worries for a while and indulge in a simple and soothing activity. Have fun playing Bubble Ouch Pop it Fidgets and see if you can set a new record!

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