Pop It FNF

Most of us have already tried a great musical arcade called Friday Night Funkin. We’ve all been touched by the story of a young guy who wants to become a star to win the heart of his beloved and impress her father who wouldn’t let them date otherwise. Add colorful graphics, exciting gameplay and plenty of amazing tracks that would make a nice fit for your playlist – and you get a game that you can play for hours. Aside from a huge variety of mods created for it, FNF has spawned quite a number of side projects that are based on it. One of them is Pop It FNF.

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Here you can enjoy your time popping colorful circles one by one by tapping or clicking on them, and you won’t have to hit the beat to score points. There is no pressure, no victory or failure implied – you just have a great time and benefit from the relaxing effect. How is it different from the regular Pop Its then? Well, this one takes advantage of iconic Friday Night Funkin designs. The multicolored bubbles are shaped as your favorite characters. If you used to play FNF a lot, you will easily recognize the silhouettes of Boyfriend, Girlfriend, her demonic dad and also some other heroes from the game.

All this is here purely for aesthetics, though. The gameplay remains the same – your task is to deftly move your fingers around the screen popping the circles of the needed colors. You will get a clue which color is due next, so make sure to look at the top of the screen where they will appear with the corner of your eye. That will directly affect the amount of points you will be able to score. Sometimes you can just do it for fun in a relaxed and unhurried manner, sometimes you’ll be pressed for time and will have to explode a maximum number of bubbles before it runs out. In any case, this will be good for your nervous system. You will feel calmer just in a few minutes of playing Pop It FNF. Start doing it right now, enjoy the bright colors and references to your favorite rhythm-based game, maximize your score and don’t ever get too stressed out again!

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