Simple Dimple

Looking for an anti-stress game? You got to the right place! Simple Dimple is no worse than the real silicone gizmo that are so popular all over the world today. This version has a huge advantage: it is always with the user, and will not take up space in your pockets. Take out your phone, launch the application, and now you are clicking on these colored rounds and listening to the characteristic popping sound. It seems to be such an easy thing, but it can really relax you when you are stressed out.

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Millions of people of all ages have already tried the anti-stress effect of this simple device on themselves. It is enough just to get carried away by pressing on small protrusions on a soft platform of various shapes, and you already feel better and completely forgot about all your daily worries. And do you know that it was originally conceived as an educational game for kids? So you see, it’s not just about mere entertainment, it can actually be good for your brain. It helps the little players to learn colors and improve their reflexes. But that doesn’t mean it also can’t be useful for you even if you’re already an adult.

Different colors and shapes are attracting users all over the planet. Choose what you like best: many hemispheres arranged in rows, or a couple of domes on a small keyring. There are plenty of options and you can select the one that suits you more. You can also try different alternatives if you get bored with just one and get new emotions every time you sit down to enjoy this wonderful game. The best thing is that it’s available both on PC and mobile devices. So you don’t even have to be at home to play – it’s enough to take out your smartphone. You can do it anywhere anytime you need to shake off the stress!

It’s easy to play virtual Simple Dimple: click on any circle to turn it inside out. Subsequent pressing will return it to its original position. Such unusual entertainment won’t leave indifferent any child or adult gamer! There are several modes you can try, including the regular one and the speed mode. In the latter, you need to pop as many circles as possible in the shortest amount of time. You can either play along or compete with your friends or simply random players in the web. Start enjoying Simple Dimple right now, get a blast popping those colorful bubbles and forget about negative emotions because it’ll be easy to get rid of them now!

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