Pop It 2

Anti stress toys have caused quite a controversy in various circles. While some say that it’s a great way to calm your nerves and even develop your attentiveness and fine motor skills, others insist it’s a totally useless entertainment that makes children stupid. Is there any truth here? Pop It 2 will prove that this game is actually relaxing and fun, and also good for the young audience!

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One of the best arguments in favor of Pop Its and the likes is the variety of rules kids and adults come up with playing with these toys. For example, you can go on a time race trying to pop as many bubbles as you can faster than your friend. A version for two includes the players alternately rolling the dice and each on their side beginning to burst as many pimples as they fall out. Lost is the one who at the end doesn’t have enough cells to press.

Another popular way to play Pop It is when one player puts a ball into one of the dimples and the others try to guess where it is. And of course, children love to share their anti-stress. To do this, draw buttons in the form of a check mark, plus or cross on both sides of a sheet of paper. Then they offer a toy for exchange and receive a counter offer. If everyone is happy with everything, they click on the box. If someone considers the exchange to be unequal, he can ask to add toys or cancel the deal using the appropriate “buttons”.

You can enjoy all these activities playing Pop It 2 online! Get your kick out of bright colors and incredible gameplay, gather your collection of unique Pop Its and you’ll always be able to easily shake off stress if you feel particularly nervous or simply relax when you’re a bit off!

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